Year 2 Subscriptions in the NF Store!

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  • March 4, 20144/03/14
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It’s been over five weeks since we first made Year 2 subscriptions available through our NF Magazine Year 2 Subscriptions Kickstarter campaign. That campaign has since succeeded! And there are still 10 days remaining to continue adding to its total and hit stretch goals to further enhance our next year of issues. If you haven’t yet jumped in there, you’ve still got time to do so!

Many of our Year 1 subscribers have requested a non-Kickstarter option to use to be able to renew their subscriptions for Year 2, though – and some of our fans out there simply aren’t able to use Kickstarter’s site, for whatever reason. Well, we’re happy to now announce that Year 2 subscriptions to NF Magazine have now gone on sale in our normal website shop too! Visit the NF Store to place your order and get yourself on the list for our next year’s worth of issues!

So you now have two options for getting a Year 2 subscription – going through the Kickstarter campaign page, or going through our NF Store. Pick the one that’s right for you, and join (or re-join) the Force for Year 2!

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