Year 2 Kickstarter: The Home Stretch!

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  • February 17, 201417/02/14
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It’s now been three weeks since the launch of NF Magazine’s Year 2 Subscriptions Kickstarter campaign, and the funding goal has nearly been reached – as of this writing, we’re sitting at a completion percentage of 89.1% and only have about $5,300 left to raise to have Year 2 of NF Magazine be fully funded!

Hopefully, most of our Year 1 subscribers have been properly alerted by now that action is required of them to continue receiving new issues of NF Magazine beyond Issue #7 – that one should now be delivered to nearly all of our print subscribers, by the way. I sent out a Renewal Notice email to thousands of our fans just a few days ago. Here’s what it looked like:




If you still haven’t renewed, or know someone who hasn’t, it’s time to get moving! We’ve sweetened the pot a bit more today too, as we’ve just added some Add-Ons to the mix – including the much-requested first-class shipping speed upgrade. Get your print issues faster in Year 2! Read all about it in the Update post right here.

And, as usual, the NF Show podcast will be recording a new episode live tonight at 10 P.M. Eastern Time. Tune in to watch Evan and Noah break down all the big news from the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, including Little Mac’s reveal as the latest Smash Bros. fighter! They’ll be streaming on our YouTube channel, so click here to go there.

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