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We’re approaching the four-week mark since the launch of NF Magazine’s Year 2 Subscriptions Kickstarter campaign, and the funding goal is just a stone’s throw from being hit – as of this writing, we need only $1,100 more to have Year 2 of NF Magazine be fully funded! It’s very possible that we’ll hit the target very soon, and after that we’ll declare victory and fully shift gears into a pursuit of our stretch goals with our remaining weeks.

For today’s regular Monday update, it’s time to add another pledge tier that should be of interest to a particular set of our fans out there – the artists! The Nintendo fandom is full of incredibly talented illustrators, sculptors, painters and more, and we’ve done our best to celebrate that critical part of our community by highlighting original art in the pages of NF Magazine. Our chief showcase for art is on our Comic Break pages – brief, one-page breaks in the action between our magazine’s main sections that give your eyes something a little less text-y to look at before you keep on flipping to read more of our written articles.

So, how would you like to contribute a comic to the magazine yourself? This won’t be for everyone, but I’m sure there are some of you out there who’d love to show off your talents with a pen, pencil or Wacom tablet in one of our upcoming Year 2 issues. If that’s you, you can pick the new $150 pledge tier, “CONTRIBUTE A COMIC,” and earn the opportunity to do just that (in addition to still securing a Year 2 subscription for yourself, of course).

At $150, this will be one of our pricier pledge options – but we’ll pair your contributed artwork on the Comic Break page with a link to your blog, your deviantART gallery, your personal portfolio website or whatever else you’d like our audience pointed to. This could be a way for many of you to get more exposure for your work and reach a new audience, and we benefit not just from the pledge you make, but by being able to present a richer variety of art in our upcoming issues.

Note that you’ll work with me to approve the concept of your art – this isn’t free reign to have anything you want printed in our pages. It will have to be Nintendo-focused and family-friendly, as our staff artists’ work always is.

Care for some examples?

Robert Comic

Here’s one of Robert Hughes’ Comic Breaks, from our Issue #5: Pokémon Power. Robert has a good time poking fun at the more nonsensical aspects of different Nintendo games, and here he called the “academic” practices of the venerable Professor Oak into serious question.

Matthew Comic

Our most famous comic creator is Matthew Taranto, who’s known to the Internet as the creator of the Brawl in the Family webcomic. It started out as a series of silly, intentionally poorly drawn three-panel strips about Kirby eating a variety of things, and has blossomed over the years into a massive celebration of all things Nintendo (with occasional musical numbers). Within the pages of NF Magazine, Matthew continues to show off his love for the Big N in even bolder, more experimental ways – including tales of love and revenge in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mark Comic

Mark Kelly (a.k.a. Fryguy64 of the Nintober art project and the creator of brings yet another dimension to each issue’s comic offerings, occasionally using his allotted page to present an illustrated take on a new Virtual Console release. He “reviewed” the puzzle game Yoshi in comic form, and in our most recent issue turned the spotlight on the underappreciated Konami classic, The Legend of Mystical Ninja.

Lindsey Comic

Finally we have Lindsey Layne King, whose work is known to many through her volunteerism with TheSpeedGamers and Pokémon OK. Lindsey has gone in a totally different direction than the others with her comic contributions to NF, as she created an on-going series called “REST 0” headlined by two recurring characters – an obnoxious ’90s video game hero named Pineapple the Sloth and the boss enemy who’s always being bothered by Pineapple’s antics, Stygi Tigris.

Robert, Matthew, Mark and Lindsey will continue their comic contributions into Year 2’s issues, while we also look to expand our offerings in this area with new creations too – both from anyone who chooses to select the new “CONTRIBUTE A COMIC” pledge tier and a few other sources, too. (Keep this to yourselves for now, but Sean Velasco of Yacht Club Games is totally working on an official Shovel Knight comic to be printed in NF Magazine. It’s a secret to everybody!)

That’s it for now! If you still haven’t renewed, or know someone who hasn’t, it’s time to get moving more than ever! Make a pledge to the Kickstarter, for goodness sakes!

And, as usual, the NF Show podcast will be recording a new episode live tonight at 10 P.M. Eastern Time. Tune in to watch Evan and Noah break down all the latest news, and give away yet another free game code! They’ll be streaming on our YouTube channel, so click here to go there.

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