When We Catch the Future

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  • December 8, 20138/12/13
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It could be that we’re heading toward a future in which nearly all content, including Nintendo systems as well as niche games, will live online forever more. Already there are smart phones and tablets that will run emulators for major console systems, and that can function like consoles themselves in a home environment.




Niche Hobbies



Some might imagine a future of such convergence and centrality that the Web becomes too library-like or somehow too official. There is still a refreshing feeling now, as with the NF online magazine mirroring a hobby and subculture located offline. Some may not necessarily want to drop the novelty of a niche or subculture.


Anyway, the Web supports unlimited ways for people to organise as well as share what they’re doing and what they enjoy. But there does seem to be a convergence toward the Web, and, in turn away from proprietary gaming devices. It’s becoming a Web-centered situation, and any device with access could be a universal gaming controller.



More Local Activity



The thing that many and perhaps even you might not expect, but which is entirely possible, is that local communities are utilising the Web to strengthen the organisation of what happens at the street level. That may seem ironic, if counter to your expectations.


Another interesting way the Web and Internet (Cloud) may be put to good use is by becoming a place for things that could stand to decrease in the physical world. Online shopping eliminates oceans of cars parking in lots attached to land-based malls, right? That is just one example.


All sorts of entertainment could be transferred online in order to give it a space to exist, but not right up in our face. In the UK, for instance, bingo halls were replaced by online bingo and yet now there is a surge of interest in land-based bingo establishments that are re-opening and starting afresh under favourable laws.


There is always the example of no deposit casino games. Having such games online quite honestly is a way to delimit allowable land-based gambling. The Web provides a way for anything to be available, and yet since it is on-demand the rest of us need not see it.

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