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  • December 10, 201310/12/13
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Welcome to the all-new! (Or Both URLs still function perfectly well.) We’re pleased to finally be rolling out our long-awaited redesign, which drastically overhauls and replaces the placeholder site we’ve had holding this place since our first issue went on sale in January.

A lot has happened since then, and we’ll be reviewing the history of the magazine itself in our next post. Today, though, it’s all about this new website. Let’s list the changes!

First up, the fact that you’re reading this! We can now post honest-to-goodness actual content here on our front page, and that’s going to open up the doors wide to an all-new chapter for the Nintendo Force. We’ve been fully focused on creating NF Magazine as a bi-monthly publication throughout this first year, and making new issues will continue to be our #1 priority. But this new site allows us to supplement the content of each issue with extra articles and elements that don’t work within the constraints of the magazine format.

We’ll be rolling out a new podcast soon, for example.

And dipping our toes into the waters of video content – we do have a few well-known YouTube personalities on the team, you know.

And when we’ve got news to announce, page previews of upcoming issues to show off or anything else happening that might interest our readers, we’ll finally be able to share it in a format that isn’t restricted to 140 characters at a time, or stuck on the Facebook page where only a portion of our fans will see it pop up in their Feeds in a timely manner.

I’m most excited to just have a better venue to use to be able to talk to our fans. The Nintendo Force has become an entire community, with thousands of subscribers joining us on our journey to keep the flame of Nintendo Power magazine burning bright. We’ve seen your support come through in emails, on social media and even in person. Now, we’ve got a better rallying point, a place to all come together online.

Today, the rollout’s just beginning. Feel free to browse around and check out the pages that are now live. Our revamped NF Store holds only a single item at the moment, but will be populated with more options in the days ahead. More pages outside of the Store will be added in the days and weeks to come as well, like a series of “Look Inside” glimpses into each of our six issues so far.

We’ll also be addressing renewals for NF Year 2 right here, very soon. We know many of you are eager to go ahead and get your subscriptions set up to extend beyond January – but we’ve got something special in the works that could make our second subscription year bigger and bolder than 2013 has been.

If you’re currently a subscriber, you’ve still got one issue coming your way – Issue #7 for January/February 2014 – so you’re not going to miss out, I promise. Year 2 subscriptions will have Issue #8 in March/April 2014 as their first issue, so you’ll have all of January, February and most of March to get your renewal in once we open them up.

But more on that later! For now, check out the site! Welcome to the all-new!

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