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Issue #18: Beyond the Earth

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  • November 18, 201518/11/15
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It’s happening! It’s just one month away now! Exactly one month from today, I – and millions of others around the world, including many of you – will have just seen the all-new Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it opens it theaters! Yes, it’s nearly time to blast off to that galaxy far, far away once again. Because we knew exploring alien worlds, taking part in starfighter dogfights in orbit and all of those other wonderfully outer space-y things would be building up in everyone’s minds as a result of the impending release of the all-new Star Wars film, we decided to give NF Magazine’s all-new Issue #18 an outer space-y theme. This one is called “Beyond the Earth,” and it casts its gaze to the heavens to look back at the past several decades of alien planets that pop culture has introduced us to, as well as putting a focus on the new extraterrestrial game experiences Nintendo’s bringing to […]

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