The NF Inbox is Open!

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  • January 16, 201416/01/14
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The final installments in our Look Back on 2013 are coming, but we’ve got business to attend to first! The NF Inbox is open once again. Submit your questions or comments, or try to Anger the Ox!

Also, answer these questions for us – which Kalos Pokémon is your favorite? Which ones look the coolest, or are still cool despite looking dopey? We’ll print some of the best responses in our next issue!

You can use the Get in Touch! form at the bottom of this page to submit your Inbox letters. Go for it!

Then check back here very soon for our last 2013 Look Inside update, the reveal of our Issue #7 cover and the announcement of our Subscription Year 2 renewal plan. All happening tomorrow!

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