The NF Inbox is Open for Issue #9!

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  • May 5, 20145/05/14
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It’s that time again! We’re seeking your letters for possible publication in our next issue of NF Magazine. As always, you’ve welcome to write in and ask us about any topic you want – but we’re specifically on the lookout this time for your predictions about what you think Nintendo will announce at this year’s E3. What new games will we see? What new Smash characters will be confirmed? How many time will Mr. Iwata make the “Direct” gesture over the course of three days? Share your thoughts with us, and they could end up printed in our next issue!

You can use the Get in Touch box at the bottom of this page, send us an email, post a comment on our Facebook page or tweet us @NintendoForce to achieve a successful letter-send to the NF Inbox. It’s versatile like that.

And remember that subscriptions are still going strong! It’s not too late to get in on the ground floor of this new Year 2 subscription cycle, so jump into the NF Store and grab your subscription now! I’ll personally send you a copy of our current issue, #8, to get you started. And the price is only $24.99 for print. Come on, people! That’s value!

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