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NF Show Episode 013: Smashodachi

  • Noah Ward
  • Posted by:
  • April 16, 201416/04/14
  • Video
Noah Ward

EPISODE SUMMARY Super Smash Bros.! Tomodachi Life! Evan and Noah dive into the zany silliness of last week’s two Nintendo Directs, and also debate the things that gave them pause. ABOUT THE SHOW NF Show is NF Magazine’s weekly podcast! Watch it live every Monday at 10 PM Eastern Time on our YouTube channel, or catch the audio-only version of the show on Wednesday mornings via iTunes or our audio-only RSS feed. HOSTS Evan Campbell (@evancampbell) Noah Ward (@thisisnoah) AUDIO-ONLY FORMAT SHOW NOTES (AUDIO VERSION) 00:00:00 – Intro 00:06:10 – What We’re Playing: A Whole Lotta Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball 00:03:52 – Discussion: Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct: For Love & For Fury 00:36:50 – Discussion: Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct: All Hail Weirdness 00:44:43 – Audience Feedback 00:59:06 – Conclusion 01:02:20 – Total Running Time SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW – On YouTube – On iTunes – Audio-Only Version RSS Feed CONTACT THE SHOW – Email the hosts directly at show […]

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