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  • August 15, 201415/08/14
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It’s the end of the week now, and the shock of hearing about Robin Williams’ death has finally begun to fade – now, most of the discussion seems to be centering on how to properly memorialize a man who meant so much to so many. In the gaming community, two of the leading ideas have involved representing Robin as an in-game character – first in World of Warcraft (which Blizzard has confirmed that they will do), and second in the new Legend of Zelda game scheduled to arrive next year on Wii U (which Nintendo fans are petitioning for now). Both would be appropriate – Robin was both an avid WoW player and famous Zelda fan. He, of course, named his daughter Zelda after the princess in the NES games.

One other idea occurred to me, though, and I wanted to share it here. It’s nothing too complicated, but it’s a Nintendo-specific way to remember Robin that will be available to us all well before the release of the new Wii U Zelda game. We can honor Robin’s memory through Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

The connections to Smash are plain as day. Just a few weeks ago, Zelda Williams appeared as a celebrity guest and played Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on stage during Nintendo’s Invitational event at E3. Then, a few weeks after that, the game had its latest new challenger revealed – Robin, from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Of course, Zelda has already been playable in the Smash series for over a decade.

So my proposal is this – when you pick up a copy of Super Smash Bros. for either 3DS or Wii U, take a moment to play a two-player match with a friend. One of you pick Robin, while the other selects Zelda. Work together as a team to defeat a common foe – could be Bowser, or a team of Mii Fighters, or whatever. The opponent doesn’t matter. The important part is that Robin and Zelda fight side-by-side as a team, and that you and your friend enjoy a moment of shared Nintendo fun, just as Zelda Williams and her father Robin did together so many times.

I’m hopeful that Nintendo will respect the fans’ campaign to have a Legend of Zelda NPC be named Robin in next year’s Wii U sequel, but there’s no need to wait to see if that happens. We need only wait another few weeks until a fully playable Robin is made available to all of us, and honor Mr. Williams sooner rather than later.


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