Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Story

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doesn’t matter if you have just recently discovered our Nintendo Force Magazine
or you are already used to our exciting news and stories. These next few lines
are going to tell the Professor Layton and the Azran
Japanese story that one of our latest issues is covering. Referred to
as the Professor Layton and the Legacy of Super Civilization A, the game has
been especially created to cater to the gaming needs of Nintendo 3DS owners. It
is a game of puzzle that the fellows at Level-5 have attentively created and it
is part of the sixth entry in the series. The game is also meant to be the last
title of the Professor Layton series that will star Layton as a character. North
Americans enjoyed the release of the game in February 2014, while Europeans, Australians,
and the Japanese enjoyed the release of the game one year earlier.


Game Story –
The Azran Legacies


Azran Legacies are the important relic of an amazing civilization originating
since ancient times. The legacies are now into the possession of Targent, the
organization whose intentions are to use their power for themselves. Targent also
has a rival in the person of Jean Descole, whose plans are also to get the Azran
Legacies. The puzzle game presents Professor Layton, Emmy and Luke boarding the
Bostonius airship and
talking about the letter they had gotten from Professor Sycamore. Sycamore informs
them that he had found a living mummy; the three reach Froenberg, meeting up
with the archeologist and Aurora, the ice-frozen girl.


solving of a special puzzle is necessary for Aurora to be free from the ice. But
this only leads to more trouble, as she is kidnapped by Targent led by Bronev;
a chase intended to save Aurora begins while Targent manages to run at the
board of their own Bostonius. Professor Layton and Luke finally manage to save
Aurora only to discover she had lost her entire memory; Layton then drops
Aurora by mistake while flying above a forest.  


The Search
For Aurora Begins


search for the once frozen girl begins in the town of Kodh and the comrades first
see the girl while she appears to be walking on water then they hear her speak
using a mysterious language they have never heard before. Aurora managed to
unlock a chamber beneath the lake that surrounds the town and are forced to
recover the five Azran eggs in order to successfully unlock the Azran Legacy. A
departure via London soon follows in this regard and the apparition of
inspector Grosky investigating the Targent group only comes to make the
storyline even more exciting. The retrieval of the five eggs is not an easy
thing to do for the game characters and betrayals are not excluded. Check out
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