New Super Smash Bros. Poster to Celebrate Two Years of the Nintendo Force!

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  • August 25, 201425/08/14
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Hey there, Nintendo fans! Been a pretty crazy day for the Super Smash Bros. fandom, hasn’t it? All of the chaos surrounding those unintentional character confirmations just so happens to coincide with a Smash-related announcement we were going to make today, too. Synergy!

First is the Why: The Nintendo Force is now celebrating two years of working together! The news of Nintendo Power’s cancellation rang out around the world a little over two years ago, in August 2012, and the first brainstorming emails that would lead to the creation of NF Magazine began going out immediately after that. Two years ago from this very moment, we were already hard at work planning out what NF’s Issue #1 would be.

To mark the occasion, we have a challenge for you!

We’d like to see even more Nintendo fans jump on board with NF Magazine subscriptions (of course), so we’re issuing a challenge to all of you established supporters – if we can get 100 or more new subscribers signed up through this link by the end of September, we’ll greenlight a new, physical poster to be included in the upcoming Issue #12 in November. And it’ll be a Super Smash Bros. poster!

We’ve already started planning it out, in anticipation of success in this challenge. (It’s kind of like a mini-Kickstarter, you know?) If you remember the Mario Kart 8 poster we included with Issue #8, this new poster will have the same dimensions – meaning it’ll be a big one, much larger than any Nintendo Power ever packed in. Unlike that Mario Kart 8 poster, though, this Smash poster will be reversible – it’ll be two posters in one!

On one side, we’ll have a new character collage by Thor Thorvaldson – the same artist who brought the Mario Kart 8 poster to life. All of the playable characters of the new Smash cast will be on it, fighting against one another to be the first to reach the Smash Ball.

On the opposite side, to give you another option, the official renders of the Smash cast will appear – everyone from Mario to the newcomers that got “announced” today. :p (And any others that have still managed to keep their identities secret, of course.)

To help you sell your friends on the idea of signing up, we’re running a sale for the next month as well! We’re right at the halfway point of our Year 2 subscription cycle now, and anyone who wants to jump on board beginning with next month’s Issue #11 can do so for just 10 bucks! (In the States.) They’ll be getting a half-subscription that way, with three issues headed their way before they’d need to renew alongside everyone else in January/February next year.

Seriously, 10 bucks for three issues delivered? One issue bought by itself is $7 – it’s a ridiculous savings. So tell your friends!

Because if at least 100 new challengers join the Nintendo Force, everyone will get the gift of a great new Super Smash Bros. poster!

Once again, here’s the link to send people to. Tweet it, Facebook it, print it out and post it on cubicle walls! Thanks team!

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