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  • January 20, 201420/01/14
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Thanks for your patience, NF fans! I know many of you have been anticipating announcements from us, and we’ve finally got them for you today. There are three orders of business to attend to, one after another.

First up, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new NF Show podcast! The first episode is being recorded right now, right here.

You can watch it live if you move fast enough! New episodes will be recorded at this time each week, streamed on our new YouTube channel beginning each Monday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. The recordings will then be posted to and iTunes on each Wednesday.

The NF Show is hosted by Evan Campbell and Noah Ward, whom many of you know as the creative duo behind Nintendojo’s long-running Nintendo Heartcast podcast. The Heartcast had its finale a few months ago, Evan and Noah have been prepping for this new show since then, and today it’s finally begun! Don’t miss it. 🙂

Next up! I’ve been promising to pull back the curtain on our Issue #7 cover art. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . Shovel Knight!


This exclusive artwork was created for NF Magazine by Yacht Club Games‘ own concept artist, Erin Pellon. She went wild with this one – every main character from the game is featured, overflowing from the front cover and on to the back. (We’ll let you pick up a copy of the issue to see the reverse side, though. Grab a Bundle in the NF Store to get your name on the list!)

Finally, the announcement all of our current subscribers have been waiting for – the plan for subscription renewals for Year 2. Well, here you go:




We’re heading to Kickstarter!

Some of you just got a puzzled look on your face. I’ll explain.

Producing a print magazine is a risky venture. It’s one of the reasons Nintendo Power shut down – creating physical magazines, printing them in bulk and mailing them out to thousands of people around the planet is a massive undertaking each and every time you do it.

But when our first issue went on sale a year ago, the outpouring of support was so enormous that we knew it would be safe to open up full-year subscriptions. So we did, and thousands of you joined the Force by buying print subscriptions, digital subscriptions or a combination of both. We made enough money that we were able to cover the production costs for a full year of issues – the costs to print all of the issues and package and mail them around the world.

Now we’re heading to Kickstarter because we want to do it again. This campaign will cover NF Magazine’s Year 2 Subscriptions. We’re seeking to raise the amount of money we need to print, package and mail another full years’ worth of magazine issues.

If you’ve already been a subscriber with us, the Kickstarter campaign page will be the place where you’ll renew your subscription for another year. We decided to offer renewals in this way for organizational purposes – all of our existing subscribers are getting Issue #7 as their last issue. That Shovel Knight issue is the finale for Year 1 of NF Magazine, and it’s actually being released next week – on the same day we’re starting this Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done so far, then sign up for another year, won’t you? Your continued support will mean that we can keep going for another year, and you’ll get to continue seeing new NF Magazine issues delivered to your mailbox or your email inbox for another year.

And if you haven’t yet become a subscriber, or if you’re just now hearing about our magazine for the first time, this campaign will be the perfect time to jump on board! We’ll have a variety of different pledge tiers available – some of them will allow you to get caught up on the issues you’ve missed while also getting your name on the list to receive our future issues for NF’s Year 2.

And if you support the Kickstarter campaign, you won’t have to wait to see the benefits of your pledge – the first issue of our Year 2 cycle will be released in March, immediately following the conclusion of the fundraiser.

Finally, another major benefit of going to Kickstarter is that we may be able to go above and beyond our bottom-line fundraising goal. And if that happens, we’ll be able to enhance our new issues with extra features! We’d love to be able to include a poster in each new issue, for example, and if we can raise enough to hit those stretch goals, then we can! And you’ll have a say in what happens with NF in the future, too. If you become a backer, you’ll have a voice in determining what other stretch goals we’ll set and how you want the magazine to expand going forward.

It all starts next week, so stay tuned! All current subscribers will be notified when the campaign launches, as Issue #7 will be released the same day. You won’t miss any issues, so long as you take action before we get all the way to Issue #8’s release in March!

If you’ve got questions, drop them in the Get in Touch box below. I’ll round them up and answer them all together. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

New podcast. New issue cover revealed. New Kickstarter campaign unveiled. It’s been a busy day for the Nintendo Force.

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