Looking Back on 2013, Part 6

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  • January 17, 201417/01/14
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And, at last, we’ve caught ourselves back up. The new Look Inside: Issue #6 page is now available, so our site’s finally got a source of page previews and extra insight for all of our issues thus far.

Take a look at it, won’t you? And if you pick up any of our Bundle options in the NF Store, you can get a copy of Issue #6 for yourself – some print copies are still available as of this writing, but they won’t last forever!

Now that our Looking Back series has come to a close, the next order of business is the reveal of our Issue #7 cover and the announcement of our Subscription Year 2 renewal plan. Stay tuned for that to come to this NFMagazine.com home page next! (Sorry for running a bit late with getting that info posted here – we’re in final deadline crunch time mode here at the office! I promise it’ll be worth the wait!)


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