Looking Back on 2013, Part 5

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  • January 15, 201415/01/14
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I knew we had to do something special for Pokémon. The series only gets a new generation once every couple of years – and X and Y’s simultaneous global release in October was going to be an unprecedented event. So we went all-out in planning the most Pokémon-packed magazine issue imaginable.

And then stepped our game up even more. I was torn about which of the two games – X or Y – should be represented on the cover. Or whether we should combine them? That didn’t seem right. I really wanted both games to have the coveted cover art position, so fans of both could choose with version of the issue they wanted.

So we did both – but on the same issue, together. Xerneas on the front, Yveltal on the back, in a flippable cover the likes of which Nintendo Power never attempted. It was kind of wild and kind of wacky, but one of those decisions that I felt helped us take one more step into our own identity as an all-new magazine, moving away from NP’s legacy.

And I had to record my first (and so far only) Vine video in celebration when the finished, printed product arrived at my door. Take a look:

You can now Look Inside: Issue #5 by clicking here, and this issue has also been added to the NF Store as an individual digital purchase. Print copies are still available for this one! Grab a Print Bundle or a Combo Bundle and get your actual hands on the world’s only flippable Pokémon magazine!

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