Looking Back on 2013, Part 3

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  • January 13, 201413/01/14
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Going through the entire process of printing and shipping Issue #2 was a great learning experience – since Issue #1 had been on MagCloud only, it wasn’t until #2’s production cycle was complete that we actually got a sense for what the regular pattern of work would be. Just as soon as #2 was packed and sent out the door to our thousands of subscribers, though, it was time to restart the cycle back at the beginning again.

In planning what our focus would be for Issue #3, David Oxford made a persuasive pitch about focusing a feature article on the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie – the reason being that the film’s 20th anniversary would be falling within the issue’s scope of May/June 2013. You’ll rarely find someone as passionate and knowledgeable about a movie as David is about SMB, so he got the thumbs-up to move forward and craft an expansive retrospective feature on the production of the film, the critical reaction that greeted it in its release to theaters and the legacy it’s had through the last two decades.

We then decided to keep the momentum going by planning other movie-themed features to fill the pages, and even the cover game ended up being a thematic match – well, mostly. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was a 3D re-issue of an older game, released in an era in which 3D re-issues of older films were showing up frequently in movie theaters. Donkey Kong himself also has cinematic origins, thanks to his connection with King Kong. (And the famous legal battle Nintendo went through with Universal Studios over those similarities.)

Altogether, the issue came together well – and after it went out the door, all eyes turned to what would be revealed by Nintendo at the 2013 E3 Expo. But more on that tomorrow!

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