Looking Back on 2013, Part 2

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  • January 10, 201410/01/14
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Did you already take a look inside of our Issue #1, or grab a digital download of it for just 99 cents in the NF Store? I hope so, because we’re rolling right along now to Issue #2.

We were truly amazed at the huge outpouring of support that came our way when our debut issue was launched. Thousands of fans bought copies – and expensive copies, too! The print-on-demand price was steep, and yet still people weren’t deterred.

When all was said and done, Nintendo Force Magazine: Issue #1 had become the best-selling single magazine issue in the history of HP MagCloud. It reigned in the #1 Most Popular spot on their site for months afterward. The president of MagCloud personally contacted me because he was so flabbergasted. It was a fun and wonderfully encouraging time.

So encouraging, in fact, that we immediately went to work to capitalize on the momentum and give our instant thousands of fans the next thing they were crying out for – full-year subscriptions. We found a great printing partner in Century Publishing and worked out the numbers to be able to offer a full year of issues for $29.99, printed and delivered. (Five bucks per issue was a whole lot better than $17.99 for each single issue, which is what it would have been had MagCloud remained the sole source for our magazines.)

So we opened up subscriptions, and the orders came flooding in. Thousands of you who had liked what they saw in Issue #1 were ready for more, and the new Luigi’s Mansion sequel arrived at just the perfect time to become the cover game for our second issue.

Would you like to learn more about Issue #2? Just like last time, we’ve set up a separate, standalone page for you to use to do just that. Click here to Look Inside: Issue #2. (Or click the link that says the same thing over there on the right.)

Then come back on Monday as our series continues with Issue #3, then #4 the following day and so on all throughout next week. Then, one week from today, we’ll unveil the cover art for Issue #7 and explain how renewals are going to work for Year 2 of NF Magazine. Don’t miss it!


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