Looking Back on 2013, Part 1

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  • January 8, 20148/01/14
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As our first issue’s first anniversary is fast approaching in just a few days, the Nintendo Force is kicking off a walk down memory lane. For the next several days, we’ll be looking back on each of the six issues of NF Magazine we’ve produced so far – leading up to the reveal of the cover art for Issue #7 and the unveiling of our plan for subscription renewals and new customers’ opportunity to jump on board for the full Year 2 of NF.

We’re going a little fancier than just the common front-page blog post for these, though. As an in-depth look at each of our issues is a critical component of our new website overall, each issue will get its own standalone “Look Inside” page. There, you’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at the cover art for each issue, a description of how the Nintendo Force team approached planning and production for its content and then a selection of half a dozen special, highlighted pages (or two-page spreads) as they appear in the issue.

We’ve previously held back from sharing much preview content, wanting our fans to be encouraged to join us with subscriptions or individual issue purchases to find out what was lurking in our pages. Now, we’re going to loosen things up just a bit – after all, new fans need to be enticed by a few glimpses before they’ll want to take the plunge, right?

And hey, Nintendo Power used to employ the same practice of highlighting a few choice example pages of each issue on their website. (Sadly, their website still has the preview content for their final issue on its front page.)

Finally, you’ll find that the sidebar content of our own front page is getting updated over there on the right – as nice as those two wholly non-functional images of our Issue #5 and #6 covers have been for the past several weeks, it’s time to bring some click-ability to what’s living over there. We’ll climb from bottom to top adding links throughout this series, and as you can see, “Look Inside: Issue #1” is available for your clicking now.

So click it, won’t you?

And if you’re successfully enticed to want to check out the entire Issue #1, it’s also been added to the NF Store as an individual issue purchase option. (We’ll be doing that for the other issues too.) As a bonus, we’ve knocked down the price of a download of it to just 99 cents! That’s the cheapest it’s ever been, so there’s no excuse now for anyone sitting on the fence to not take a look at what the Nintendo Force team was able to accomplish in their first ever outing together, almost exactly one year ago now.

Issue #1. It was a blast pulling it all together.


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