Look Inside our Latest Issue, #8!

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  • April 22, 201422/04/14
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Our latest issue, #8 – The Road to Mario Kart 8, has been available for a few weeks now. It should have made it into the mailboxes of all of our subscribers by now! But if there are any of you out there who haven’t yet joined the Force with a Year 2 subscription (or if you’re just interesting in this issue individually), it’s long overdue that we gave you a Look Inside!

The Look Inside page for Issue #8 is now live! You’ll get the usual array of page previews and a bit of insight into the production process that went into making it a reality.

And you can order a copy by clicking here! A Twitter user just posted this morning that they were surprised to see how cheap the price was for a printed copy. It’s true! The days of having to pay $18-$20 per issue for print-on-demand individual issues orders are being phased out, as we’re now ordering hundreds of extra copies with each print run we do – so extra print copies will more commonly be $6-$8 from here on out, matching the Nintendo Power newsstand price from the end of its era.

Your cheapest option is to subscribe, of course, because then we know in advance that you want each issue and the cost is even less – but even if you miss an issue from now on, it won’t be prohibitively expensive to head into the NF Store and grab it as a single copy and fill in the gaps in your collection.

And hey, how about that great poster art up above? Thor knocked it out of the park with his Mario Kart 8 poster, which is included in each copy of Issue #8. (It’s huge, too! More than 20 x 30 inches!) That poster’s production was paid for by our Kickstarter backers successfully hitting one of our campaign’s stretch goals, and we hope to be able to do more posters in the future too. Stay tuned!


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