Look Inside: Issue #8

Issue #8: The Road to Mario Kart 8 – March/April 2014


Our first new issue since the successful conclusion of the NF Magazine Year 2 Subscriptions Kickstarter campaign, “The Road to Mario Kart 8″ focuses its attention on that most famous of kart racing franchises as we examine its entire history, going all the way back to the SNES days. Back here in the modern era, reviews of Yoshi’s New Island, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and more await you, along with new comics, a new Retro column and more! So grab a copy, won’t you?



The curmudgeonly Cranky Kong appeared as our featured Character Profile star in Issue #7, prompting us to ask our readers to weight in on an on-going debate – is Cranky supposed to be the current Donkey Kong’s dad, or his granddad? Here in Issue #8, the Inbox presented your answers. The results? Mixed support for both opinions! Will we never have a final, once-and-for-all answer, or will this monkey always be on our backs?



With a vast stretch of 14 weeks of empty space on Nintendo’s Wii U release calendar between Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze’s arrival on February 21 and Mario Kart 8’s May 30 street date, it’s up to the eShop to keep Wii U owners engaged in the time in-between. Our “Bridging the Gap” feature profiled 14 intriguing indie prospects set to launch in this span of weeks. (Though not all seem to have made it in time.)



Our central, titular feature for this issue was a vast, crazily comprehensive look back across the entire history of the Mario Kart franchise that dedicated a full page to reflecting on each sequel in the series. How have the games’ gameplay evolved over time, starting from the SNES days? How can these older titles still be played today? And just how many Terminator references can Tony make when talking about the evil Blue Shell?



Right as we were in the middle of planning content for Issue #8, Nintendo made the announcement that Nintendo DS titles would be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future. We were of course inspired to whip up a classic wishlist for the games we hope will make the cut – but we uniquely paired each of our picks with a second, totally unlikely choice to keep things interesting.



New Nintendo Force contributor Kris Randazzo made his writing debut in Issue #8 with the first installment in “Peripheral Vision,” a new Retro section column that shines a spotlight back on old Nintendo peripherals and the games that required them to function. (Meaning we’ll probably never see them re-released.) First up was a look at the foot-powered Power Pad and its library of half a dozen odd running and jumping challenges.



Finally, we at last took full advantage of having Brawl in the Family’s Matthew Taranto on our staff by forcing him to draw Waluigi for us in his signature style – then taking the joke way too far by giving the Guy in Purple his own two-page spread for April Fool’s Day. (Spoiler Alert: 2014 isn’t really The Year of Waluigi. As much as some of us would hope that that would really be true.)

Our First Fold-Out Poster!


Bonus! As a result of successfully hitting a stretch goal in our Kickstarter campaign, Issue #8 includes our very first fold-out poster! (And it’s pretty massive – nearly as large as a standard movie poster size, making it a whole lot bigger than the standard three-fold vertical posters Nintendo Power used to do). All print copies of Issue #8 come with this Thor Thorvaldson-illustrated poster included, while the digital PDF version of the issue is bundled along with several desktop wallpaper versions of the same art. Here’s the link to buy this issue again!

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