Issue #6: Fun for Four (or More!) – November/December 2013


For our final issue of 2013, we were inspired by both the upcoming holiday season and the great variety of new multiplayer games that would be launching for Wii U and 3DS just in time to become Christmas presents for millions of Nintendo fans around the globe. So multiplayer became our focus, as we encouraged our readers to take advantage of the parties and family reunions that naturally happen around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s each year and enjoy some Nintendo game time with friends and family – playing games like Wii Party U, Mario Party: Island Tour and our cover game, Super Mario 3D World.



With each new issue we create, we add more polish to each area of the magazine. News had evolved to include a regular Super Smash Bros. Update and a Game Forecast by this time, (along with our Yeah/Unyeah, which we hadn’t shown off in these Look Insides yet). You can also see the one and only ad in our entire magazine here – the tall Telegames promo is a legacy ad from Nintendo Power, maintaining its traditional placement from NP’s final era on the last page of the News section.



When we wanted to write about Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 in our fifth issue, we sought out a piece of character art to accompany the article – and found a great solo pose of the game’s hero, Beck, illustrated by Thor Thorvaldson. Thor’s well known in the Nintendo fan art community, and we asked him if he’d be up for creating a custom piece for Issue #6. He ended up doing three! We’re now happy to have him as part of the Nintendo Force.



Issue #6’s central feature was hosted by the cast of Super Mario 3D World, and they helped walk us through the development history of Nintendo’s multiplayer over the decades. From the Arcade Era all the way to Wii U, we traced the hardware and software that made the biggest changes to how players came together to enjoy the same games at the same time. Do you remember the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter? How about the big push for connectivity between the GBA and the GameCube?



Following immediately after the multiplayer history feature was our public service article of the issue, a how-to guide instructing readers on the way to throw a successful Nintendo-themed party with friends. Brett Martin, a veteran host who’s entertained hundreds over the years at various events, provided pointers on how to organize gaming sessions, what kind of snacks to buy and some top games to make sure to have on hand.



With such a diverse team of different creators all working together, it’s interesting to see what happens when two people join forces to make a combined piece of content for our pages. So it was with Tony and Matthew’s first collaboration, a Then & Now installment in which Tony’s text relived classic multiplayer scenarios from the decades of Super Mario Bros. sequels, and Matthew illustrated his words with custom artwork of Mario and Luigi either getting along or trying to toss each other into bottomless pits.



Finally, being the final issue of 2013, Issue #6 fell in the time when all of the major new releases of the holiday season had just hit store shelves (or were about to). That meant a lot of extra review work for our team, as we evaluated all of the big holiday hits – from Super Mario 3D World to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. (Both of those games are excellent, by the way.)


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