Issue #4: Dreams for the Future – July/August 2013


In the wake of a great showing for Nintendo at E3 2013, our hopes for the future of the 3DS and Wii U were high – so we embraced that spirit of looking ahead to tomorrow and combined it with a Mario & Luigi: Dream Team cover to create “Dreams for the Future” as our fourth NF Magazine issue theme. If you’ve been a fan of Nintendo for years and years like we have, you know that beyond actually playing Nintendo’s video games, the most fun you can have as a fan is speculating about what’s coming next from the company. What next sequel will be revealed? What developer will be the next to take on your favorite franchise? What crazy thing will Mr. Iwata say or do in the next Nintendo Direct video? Dreaming about the future is a blast, and we celebrated that fun in this edition.



Mega Man had been in a rough place for a few years leading up to E3 2013, with the departure of Keiji Inafune from his job at Capcom and the cancellation of several in-development Mega Man games making it seem like the Blue Bomber was as good as gone. In the most exciting announcement of the expo, though, Mega Man was revealed as the headlining new fighter in Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS Super Smash Bros. sequels.



Mega Man’s arrival in the Smash roster was just one of E3’s major announcements, though, and we gave full coverage to all of the rest of the big news coming out of the annual show with a massive preview section packed with newly revealed games, and even a set of E3-themed comics poking fun at a few of the event’s odder moments. (Because Mario in a cat suit and Mr. Miyamoto playing with Pikmin plushies are pretty quirky things, I think you’ll agree.)



Our central, titular feature for the “Dreams for the Future” issue gave several of the Nintendo Force team members the chance to step up on a soapbox and shout out their personal wishlists for Nintendo’s future business decisions from the mountaintop of our magazine’s pages. Some of us called for new sequels in beloved series, others questioned aspects of the Big N’s industry strategy and one of us just wanted Slippy Toad to never appear in a video game again.



This issue’s placement as “July/August 2013” was a bit of a bittersweet one, as while NF Magazine was continuing to enjoy more and more success, this was also the time when Nintendo Power would have celebrated its own 25th anniversary – had it been allowed to continue putting out new issues for just a few more months beyond when the plug was pulled. We celebrated the milestone on their behalf, and brought back the Warp Zone feature to look back on the original era of NP issues. (It’s now a recurring feature in each new issue’s Retro section.)



We seriously considered making DuckTales: Remastered our cover game for this issue, as our sense of nostalgia for WayForward’s HD remake of the NES classic was running in high gear during this particular production cycle. Mario & Luigi ultimately got the nod, but DuckTales still got the love inside with an exclusive interview with the game’s director Austin Ivansmith and the debut of another recurring column, “It’s New to Me!,” which is written by the teenaged Teagan McKenzie – he plays games that were released before he was born in order to offer a fresh perspective that we nostalgia-crazed older gamers can’t tap into on our own. His first game to tackle? The original DuckTales NES version, of course.



Lastly, NF Magazine made a connection with another of Nintendo Power’s former writers by interviewing Nathan Meunier, who’d moved on from his regular gig as a freelancer for NP to writing a book about, well, freelance writing! He shared some of what his experience working for the powers of Power was like, and we encouraged our readers to check out his new book, “Up Up Down Down Left Write.”

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