Issue #3: Nintendo at the Movies – May/June 2013


The team was really getting into the swing of making new magazine issues by the time we tackled our third, which appropriately featured the King of Swing himself on the cover. Donkey Kong’s connections to Hollywood’s legendary giant ape King Kong – along with the arrival of the 20th anniversary of the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie – inspired us to make our theme for this issue “Nintendo at the Movies.” This was also the issue that ushered in our NF Magazine iPad app, giving us a “third pillar” of distribution for new issues. (It was on like Donkey Kong.)



From our first planning discussions to decide how NF Magazine would be similar to and/or separate itself from the past, the problem of timeliness in news coverage was a critical talking point. News and announcements happen so fast through the Internet these days that the value of reporting on the same events sometimes weeks later isn’t that great. So, rather than just report old news as-is, our News section hand picks all of the biggest recent happenings in the world of Nintendo and offers both the information of what’s occurred and a personal reaction to the news from the reporter who’s covering it.



NF Magazine took an important step in breaking free of the constraints of Nintendo Power’s model in our third issue’s Download section, where we retired the old practice of labeling downloadable game reviews with simple “Recommended/Not Recommended” ratings and brought in numbered scores, elevating eShop titles to the same level of importance as retail games. It was simply time to make the switch – so many games were becoming available in both physical and digital formats and so many downloadable titles were outshining disc-based releases that we had to acknowledge the new reality.



David Oxford did some remarkably in-depth reporting on the production of the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie to both celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release and form our lead feature for this third issue. One of the most fun elements of the expansive article was this two-page spread, which exclusively revealed never-before-seen production art from the film. It could have been a much different movie if they’d followed through with the proposed “Alice in Wonderland” take on the Mushroom Kingdom, or if they’d actually gone with Arnold Schwarzenegger as King Koopa!



Our titular “Nintendo at the Movies” feature, meanwhile, took a look back at several of the best and most notable video games to have ever been adapted from Hollywood source material. There’s been a long-running stereotype that games using movie licenses are terrible across the board – but solid games like the Super Star Wars trilogy, Willow on NES and the SNES Lion King title offer an effective counter-argument.



After exclusively unveiling Mutant Mudds Deluxe in our debut issue and then pulling the curtain back on the intriguing 3DS FPS/horror title Cult County in Issue #2, our third issue made it three in a row for exclusive reveals from Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham. This time, Treasurenauts was announced! The treasure-hunting 3DS platformer that’s serving as the portable follow-up to Mutant Mudds’ smashing success was detailed with in-depth information that no one else had – prior to this story, the game had only been rumored, with no concrete information available anywhere else.



Lastly, a much-requested feature from Nintendo Power’s past was revived beginning here in Issue #3. Classified Information! That most nostalgic source of cheat codes, tips and tricks returned, and debuted with a fascinating reveal of the Konami Code actually existing in Contra 4 for the DS – they game had been available for years, and no one had found it. Until now! (Note the wonderful manila envelope background, too.)

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