Jonathan Holmes and the Power of Print

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  • March 3, 20143/03/14
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We’ve just progressed past the five-week mark in the NF Magazine Year 2 Subscriptions Kickstarter, meaning we’ve got just about 10 days remaining in our quest to reach our stretch goals. The next one on our list is approaching fast, as we’re less than $2,000 away from establishing production budgets for all of our Year 2 issues – meaning our team will be able to be paid for all their hard work!

The money collected up to this point has all been designated to cover the costs of production – meaning the cost to print our issues, package them and ship them around the world to our subscribers. So it’s only with this stretch goal that we’re able to set aside an extra fund to compensate our previously all pro-bono NF staff!

For today’s Update, our campaign host Jonathan Holmes has once again placed himself in front of the camera. He’s shot this new footage to expand on his views from our original Kickstarter video, specifically discussing his opinions on the merits of owning physical, tangible, hold-them-in-your-hands print editions of gaming magazines. Take two minutes of your time and give it a viewing up above.

My thanks to Jonathan for once again being the face of our campaign! There are few personalities in the greater gaming industry that are as universally loved and respected as Jonathan Holmes, and I’m still thrilled that I get to work with him as part of the Nintendo Force team. You rock, Holmes! That’s what’s up.

We’ll have more in store for you as this week continues. As always, stay tuned!

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