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  • June 2, 20142/06/14
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The Nintendo Force is proud to present our all-new ninth issue of NF Magazine, Issue #9: Where Have All the Fathers Gone? It concerns itself with all things Dad – from a central feature focusing on the odd lack of fathers in Nintendo’s franchises to a featured Interview with Matt Bozon of WayForward and his kids at the same time, from the reflections of our own Brett Martin on what it’s like to raise two boys in his world record-holding museum of Nintendo memorabilia to a wide array of special Father’s Day-themed Comic Breaks.

As a father to two boys myself, putting this issue together has been a special privilege. So please enjoy reading it!

Bonus! This issue comes with a double-sided, “flippable” cover representing both sides of the conflict in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, letting you pick your preferred pointer finger. On one side, you’ll get the puzzle-solving digit wielded by the good Professor Hershel Layton, while the other offers the instrument of “Objection!” used with such regularity by Phoenix Wright, the Ace Attorney. Which one will you leave face-up on your coffee table?

Digital PDF subscribers have already been emailed their download links to access this new issue. iPad subscribers can launch their NF Magazine iPad apps and find it available for download right now too. Print subscribers will see their copies show up in their mailboxes within the next few weeks.



Also, just to re-remind everyone, the new print run of Issue #1 is happening this month. Now that production on Issue #9 has been completed, we’re working with our printing company to make the #1 run happen before it’s time to put Issue #10 into production. I’ll send out another notice when those have gone into the mail too!

Finally, this month is also when we’ll be sending out the remaining Year 1 issues to those of you Kickstarter backers who pledged to receive print copies of all the older issues. Soon, the full collection will be sitting on your shelves!

Thanks as always for your continued support, everyone! And if you’re on the hunt for a great Father’s Day gift for your Dad, our new Father’s Day-themed issue has individual copies on sale in our store too. Right here!

Or spring for the full subscription for him!


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