Issue #24, Revealed!

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  • August 31, 201631/08/16
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The next generation of Pokémon is nearly upon us! The highly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon go on sale on November 18, so they’ll be claiming the coveted cover position for our November/December edition.

Or, rather, the cover positions, plural! We’re revisiting a concept we haven’t used since Issue #9: a flippable double cover! You’ll get the majesty of Solgaleo representing Pokémon Sun on one side, and the mystery of Lunala championing Pokémon Moon on the reverse. But unlike our older issues with flippable covers, we’re actually going all-in on the “upside down” idea this time! Issue #24 will be a wholly unique fusion of two halves to create one flippable whole – half of the issue’s content will be viewable rightside up from Solgaleo’s perspective, while the other half will only read the right way if you begin your flipping from Lunala’s cover. It’s going to be pretty nifty!

(And don’t worry, digital readers. We’ll make all the content viewable correctly for you when you can’t physically flip the magazine in your hands.)

We’ve got some special surprises in store to be packaged alongside this issue as well, so stay tuned for those reveals to come in the weeks ahead! Don’t wait to get your name on the mailing list, though – Issue #24 will only be sent out to Patreon backers who sign up before the cut-off date of October 21. Click the “Become a Patron” button at, if you haven’t already!

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