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  • May 16, 201616/05/16
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Since the day that Super Mario Bros.’ countdown clock started ticking its seconds away, players have had to fight against not only the enemies and obstacles placed before them in video games, but also against time itself. In the decades since, manipulating time, traveling through time and racing against the clock have all become more refined and complex ideas leveraged by great game designs – and perhaps no fight against time will be so twisted as the one set to be presented in the upcoming Zero Time Dilemma, which claims the coveted cover spot for our all-new Issue #22!

We’ll dive further into the history of time-focused games, bring you an exclusive interview with Kotaro Uchikoshi (the creator of Zero Time Dilemma and its predecessors, 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward) and also present, at last, a blowout on the next Legend of Zelda adventure – which may even have some time-warping aspects in it, too!

All of this will be accompanied as always by a double-sided wall poster that will ship alongside print copies of the issue. On one side, you’ll get the incredible official art for Zero Time Dilemma, mirroring the cover itself but in much larger form for hanging on your wall. But if you prefer a more lighthearted option, the reverse side will have an all-new illustration from Thor Thorvaldson, celebrating Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games! (With a few extra Nintendo and Sega franchise mascots tossed into their usual sporting mix just for fun.)

It’s heading your way at the end of June, but only if you sign up as a subscriber at before the cut-off date of June 25!

Issue 22 Poster - Front Side Issue 22 Poster - Back Side

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