Issue #20 in the Wild!

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  • March 21, 201621/03/16
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The all-new Patreon era of NF Magazine is officially under way! Print copies of the new “Issue #20: 30 Years of The Legend of Zelda” have started arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes, containing the lovely double-sided Hyrule Warriors Legends/Fire Emblem Fates posters you see above.

But wait! Did you sign up in time to get this issue? If you’re running late with renewing your 2015 subscription or if you’d like to sign up to start getting NF delivered to your home for the very first time, here’s another reminder that our subscriptions are now being handled at You go there, click “Become a patron” at the top of the page and then select the type of subscription you’d like to receive going forward. Simple as that!

In fact, signing up on our new Patreon page is the only way to get Issue #20! It’s a Patreon-exclusive issue for the next full year, so even though it’s now listed alongside the other issues here in the store, only orders from customers who’ve already signed up at the Patreon page for ongoing subscribers will be completed. So sign up there if you haven’t already, and keep your NF collection from having any gaps in it!

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