Issue #17, Complete!

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  • September 23, 201523/09/15
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After revealing its cover art piece by piece over the last two weeks, the final art of Issue #17: Thank You, Mr. Iwata has been unveiled. Above, you’ll see the final video in the six-part video series chronicling its creation and composition. This video combines all of the previous five and adds artist commentary, giving you insight into the creation process!

Issue #17 is now complete and is heading your way! Digital customers will be getting links to download it in their email over the next few days (there was a huge volume of new orders from new customers this time, so it’s going to take us just a little while to sort through all of those). Print customers, meanwhile, can expect their copies to arrive in early-to-mid October. As usual, it takes a couple weeks for each new issue to go through the entire process of being physically printed, packaged and mailed out to thousands of different addresses.

Now that this issue’s complete, I’m going to personally be going through our “Get in Touch!” form inbox and any Kickstarter messages that haven’t yet been replied to and make sure everyone’s need are met. I apologize if you’ve ever sent a message and I haven’t gotten back to you quickly enough! When we’re in crunch time in the final days of each issue’s production cycle, it’s especially hard to juggle everything at once. I always get the issues themselves done and delivered to our printing company right on schedule, though.

In fact, we’re starting to make some gains in that regard! This issue’s been completed just a little bit faster than the last one was, and our plan is to keep that going with the next one, and the next one, and so on . . . such that each new issue’s release date will be getting closer and closer toward the beginning of the time period it represents. (For example, instead of us publishing a May/June issue toward the end of May and having print copies not arrive until June, we’ll instead publish it on May 1 so that the latest print copies would arrive would be mid-May.) That’s the plan, and we’re making progress!

Thanks again for your continued support of the Nintendo Force, everyone! I honestly hope you enjoy every aspect of Issue #17. The entire team poured out their hearts to craft a wonderful tribute to Mr. Iwata, and I hope that shines through.

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