Cover Reveal Video #5: Mr. Iwata, Coming Directly to You!

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  • September 18, 201518/09/15
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Hey there, Nintendo Force fans! Our tribute issue dedicated to Mr. Iwata is coming your way soon, and today we’re continuing our video series revealing its cover art one piece at a time. The talented artists behind YouTube’s Smashified art series have created the incredible art, separated into several different segments. Each segment of the cover art represents a different Nintendo game or franchise which Mr. Iwata impacted in a critical way. And each one is getting its own time-lapse video so you can see the art come to life, from earliest sketches to finished creation!

First up was the Pokémon seriessecond was the two-in-one Balloon Fight + Kirby revealthird was Super Smash Bros. and fourth was EarthBound! Now, in today’s fifth video, it’s Mr. Iwata himself! Little explanation is needed for this one – it’s Mr. Iwata striking his most iconic pose, his “Direct to You!” hand gesture from the last several years of Nintendo Direct video presentations.

Don’t miss your chance to get this issue! If you aren’t already a subscriber, you can fix that by visiting The NF Store! Or you can pre-order a copy of just the Mr. Iwata issue by itself, if you prefer. If you do that and pick to be sent a print copy, you’ll also get the Mr. Iwata tribute art in the form of a four-times-larger wall poster!


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