Cover Reveal Video #4: EarthBound!

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  • September 16, 201516/09/15
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Hey there, Nintendo Force fans! Our tribute issue dedicated to Mr. Iwata is coming your way soon, and today we’re continuing our video series revealing its cover art one piece at a time. The talented artists behind YouTube’s Smashified art series have created the incredible art, separated into several different segments. Each segment of the cover art represents a different Nintendo game or franchise which Mr. Iwata impacted in a critical way. And each one is getting its own time-lapse video so you can see the art come to life, from earliest sketches to finished creation!

First up was the Pokémon seriessecond was the two-in-one Balloon Fight + Kirby reveal and third was Super Smash Bros. Today, it’s EarthBound!

The EarthBound fandom needs no introduction at this point. They’re the most dedicated, most diehard disciples of a single game series on the planet – rallying together in communities like, spinning off to launch awesome game merch stores like Fangamer, pooling their talents to do a complete fan translation of Mother 3 and much, much more. EarthBound fans are seriously the best and brightest.

But they may not have existed at all without Mr. Iwata! EarthBound (a.k.a. Mother 2) had an incredibly turbulent development, as its code was, at one point, a wholly unusable mess. But Iwata swooped in and save the project with his spectacular programming skill, essentially redoing all of the behind-the-scenes code from scratch and ensuring that the game would be able to be released! Without his intervention, the game may not have seen the light of day – EarthBound would never have been EarthBound, as the series would have gone down in history with just the one-in-done original Mother on Famicom in Japan.

So if you’re an EarthBound fan, join us in saying “Thank You, Mr. Iwata!”

There’s only one more art reveal coming, this Friday – the main Iwata on the front cover. After that, there will be one final video compiling them all together with commentary from the artists!

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