Cover Reveal Video #2: Balloon Fight + Kirby!

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  • September 11, 201511/09/15
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Hey there, Nintendo Force fans! Our tribute issue dedicated to Mr. Iwata is coming your way soon, and today we’re continuing our video series revealing its cover art one piece at a time. The talented artists behind YouTube’s Smashified art series have created the incredible art, separated into several different segments. Each segment of the cover art represents a different Nintendo game or franchise which Mr. Iwata impacted in a critical way. And each one is getting its own time-lapse video so you can see the art come to life, from earliest sketches to finished creation!

First up was the Pokémon series, and today it’s a two-for-one: Balloon Fight and Kirby! No other single game is so closely associated with Mr. Iwata as Balloon Fight, as it was one of his earliest works created for Nintendo’s 8-bit hardware in the early ’80s – its signature floating/arm-flapping control style was even re-used for the controls to move Mario while swimming in the original Super Mario Bros.! Years later, Mr. Iwata rose through the ranks to become the President of HAL Laboratory, and under his guidance the company was saved from the brink of financial ruin – largely thanks to the success of a new series he oversaw: Kirby! While Masahiro Sakurai is credited with creating the character of Kirby himself, his earliest games simply wouldn’t have existed without President Iwata righting the ship at HAL and giving him and his Dream Land pals the chance to exist in the first place. So King Dedede and Meta Knight have hopped in on this celebration too!


Stay tuned for more updates over the next two weeks as more pieces of the cover art are unveiled. All leading up to the release of “Issue #17: Thank You, Mr. Iwata” on Monday, September 21!

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Poster Reveal Part 2 - Balloon Fight and Kirby


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