Cover Reveal Video #1: Pokémon!

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  • September 9, 20159/09/15
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Hey there, Nintendo Force fans! Our tribute issue dedicated to Mr. Iwata is coming your way soon, and starting today we’re revealing its cover art one piece at a time. The talented artists behind YouTube’s Smashified art series have created the incredible art, separated into several different segments. Each segment of the cover art represents a different Nintendo game or franchise which Mr. Iwata impacted in a critical way. And each one is getting its own time-lapse video so you can see the art come to life, from earliest sketches to finished creation!

First up is the Pokémon series! Without Mr. Iwata’s programming wizardry and business savvy, the Pokémon series would not have enjoyed the success it did in its earliest days – nor would it have been set up to succeed in the long-term, for nearly 20 years now. His code-writing skill allowed the development team of Pokémon Gold & Silver to double the size of the explorable game world, letting players revisit the entire Kanto region after the journey in Johto came to an end. He translated the battle system of the series from the Game Boy to the N64 in just one week, making the creation of the Pokémon Stadium series possible. And he helped set up The Pokémon Company itself – the company that’s still guiding the direction of the brand and its hundreds of popular characters to this day. If you’re a Pokémon fan, you’ve just got to say, “Thank You, Mr. Iwata!”

Stay tuned for several more updates over the next two weeks as more pieces of the cover art are unveiled. All leading up to the release of “Issue #17: Thank You, Mr. Iwata” on Monday, September 21!

If you aren’t already a subscriber, you can fix that by visiting The NF Store! Or you can pre-order a copy of just the Mr. Iwata issue by itself, if you prefer. If you do that and pick to be sent a print copy, you’ll also get the Mr. Iwata tribute art in the form of a four-times-larger wall poster!

Poster Reveal Part 1 - Pokémon

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