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Is online gaming really a competitor to console gaming? Has it ever been? We console gamers consider ourselves to be in a different world from online gamers. Well, sort of. The two have kind of merged over the past decade or so, since the ability to connect your console with the internet for multi-players games has come about. Nintendo users turn to websites such as Nintendo Force for all sorts of information on the latest games and products. But let’s look at three factors that pit the venues head-to-head.



Cost – Console gaming can be expensive. While most console platforms come with a few free games, the initial price is an investment, and the more accessories you get, the higher the price can be. Meanwhile, there is a plethora of free games for online players, and other sites offer role-playing and strategy games for a nominal fee. Checkmark online.

Social – Console games allow for face-to-face social interaction with family and friends, in addition to the “connection” factor that allows for competitors offsite. Online players are either playing the game alone or running into strangers who use their anonymity and remoteness as a tool for verbal abuse. Checkmark console.

Onscreen design – Online websites have worked hard over the decades to make their games compatible and attractive for square, then rectangular, then small screens, for smartphones and e-tablets. Check out to see how they have figured a way to cram an 8-foot roulette layout onto a 4-inch smartphone screen. But all told, there’s nothing to compare the graphic aesthetics and fun of playing a game on your huge flat-screen. Checkmark console.

Neither type of gaming platform is going away any time soon, because both have their distinct advantages. We love our consoles, but check out to get an idea of options available online. When you check out, you can also see the types of services that have made the internet a viable and thriving option for gaming.

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