Christmas Giveaway #4!

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  • December 28, 201328/12/13
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We’ll be settling into a regular rhythm of new posts here on soon, and we’re currently angling toward having something fresh appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This week sort-of adhered to that, as our previous Giveaway #3 post was on Monday, and today’s is now on Friday (while Wednesday was missed for being Christmas Day). We’ll shoot for three on-target, timely posts next week.

Hope you’ve all had a happy holiday season so far, and that several Nintendo games and consoles were unwrapped as gifts for many of your families! I’ve personally just had an entire afternoon of Wii U gaming with my brother, nephew and two cousins. I may have to write more at-length about that. Let it be known that Lucas practices what he preaches when he says multiplayer Nintendo gaming is a blast. 🙂

Today’s our fourth giveaway, and we’ll have at least one more coming after this one too – though this one kind of counts as three, since three winners will be selected to receive prizes this time. Follow the same method to enter as before – use the “Get in Touch!” box to answer the question “What Nintendo game from the past should get the HD remake treatment next?” We’ve seen these Wii Sports titles and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD as recent examples of what Nintendo can do when they dip into the back-catalog to visually spruce up an older game. Is that a practice you think the company should continue?

Let us know, and good luck!

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