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Review: Splatoon

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  • May 27, 201527/05/15
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Hey there, Nintendo Force fans! Though our reviews are normally hosted only within the pages of each magazine issue, we’re breaking away from the norm to present our full review of Splatoon as a special look inside the new Issue #15! If you aren’t already a subscriber, click over to the NF Store to rectify that situation! (You’ll get a snazzy double-sided Splatoon poster along with Issue #15, too.) I THINK I’M addicted to ink. I can’t sleep at night (because I keep staying up later and later, playing multiplayer matches). My mind is stuck in rewind (“If only I had turned around and looked behind me, I would have splatted him before he got me!”). I’m far too seriously concerned about how an overweight cat will evaluate my “vibe” on any given day (“Am I SO HAWT!! today, Judd?”). It’s an addiction. And if you’re smart, you’ll make it yours too. Nintendo has put a lot of marketing muscle […]

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Daan’s Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

  • Daan Koopman
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  • September 26, 201426/09/14
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Daan Koopman

A new Super Smash Bros. always signifies an important time for the Nintendo fan. The love for Nintendo’s products shines through here, and that’s thanks to a variety of things. The playable characters, stages, trophies and music are all part of what makes this experience so special, and it comes together wonderfully under the vision of Masahiro Sakurai. This man, however, went above and beyond this time. He’s been hard at work on not only an upcoming Wii U version, but also the series’ first-ever release on a handheld system. So does the Nintendo 3DS version, at the end of the long development cycle, actually delight the player? The answer to that question is yes – and I’ll tell you exactly why. The first point of importance with Smash Bros. is balance, and the Nintendo 3DS version delivers in a way that I’m happy with. Super Smash Bros. Melee was where the series’ gameplay balance came close to perfection, and […]

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