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When We Catch the Future

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  • December 8, 20138/12/13
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It could be that we’re heading toward a future in which nearly all content, including Nintendo systems as well as niche games, will live online forever more. Already there are smart phones and tablets that will run emulators for major console systems, and that can function like consoles themselves in a home environment.       Niche Hobbies     Some might imagine a future of such convergence and centrality that the Web becomes too library-like or somehow too official. There is still a refreshing feeling now, as with the NF online magazine mirroring a hobby and subculture located offline. Some may not necessarily want to drop the novelty of a niche or subculture.   Anyway, the Web supports unlimited ways for people to organise as well as share what they’re doing and what they enjoy. But there does seem to be a convergence toward the Web, and, in turn away from proprietary gaming devices. It’s becoming a Web-centered situation, […]

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