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Hands-on Preview: The Trials and Tribulations of Mario Party 10

  • Daan Koopman
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  • February 26, 201526/02/15
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Daan Koopman

As someone who always has friends and family around to play games with, it wasn’t a surprise that I wanted to give Mario Party 10 a fair shake. Outside a couple of entries, I always enjoyed what the Mario Party games delivered and that is having a good time with everyone I know. Even Mario Party 9, which introduced a whole array of weird mechanics, I really enjoyed. That isn’t the popular opinion among fanatic Nintendo players, but it is what it is. Mario Party 10 is, however, a very different beast and I felt the need to address why. Because while I smiled a few times, my first impression was mostly filled with disappointment. The worries start with the main menu of Mario Party 10, which looks sort of sterile and boring. The menu is colorful, but it doesn’t go all out like the other entries in the series. It is more in line with the Wii Party games, […]

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