2016 Subscription Renewals + Issue #19 Launched!

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  • January 14, 201614/01/16
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Here we are, Nintendo Force fans, once again at the end of a subscription cycle! This is the time of year when we launch our new fundraising campaign to keep NF Magazine coming to you. But rather than make a third Kickstarter campaign, this time around we’re moving things over to Patreon! The link is:


Patreon’s similar to Kickstarter in many ways – you sign up to support a project, pick a pledge tier, etc. But it’s better suited to ongoing projects like NF Magazine. We’ve had to break subscriptions into one-year blocks to fit the fundraising model here on Kickstarter – which was fine if you jumped on board early in the year while the campaigns were active, but confusing for any newcomers who came along later. Patreon also lets you do things like change your address directly – Kickstarter’s never allowed that, which has been a bit of a headache for anyone who’s moved to a new place and wanted to keep their magazines coming to them uninterrupted.

Our next issue will be released on March 7! It will be called “Issue #20: 30 Years of The Legend of Zelda – March/April 2016.” Signing up through the new Patreon page will be the only way to get it! It won’t be sold separately through the website store at NFMagazine.com for at least one full year after it’s published, so make your Patreon pledge quickly to keep your collection from having any gaps!

There’s one last issue coming your way if you subscribed through last year’s Kickstarter or ordered the #14-to-#19 bundle here on the website! It’s “Issue #19: Worth the Wait – January/February 2016” with Mighty No. 9 on the cover.

With this first all-new issue of 2016, we’re turning our attention to the topic of game delays – since a lot of the biggest games we’re looking forward to here in the new year were, at one time, actually promised to be 2015 releases. Mighty No. 9 is our cover star representing the theme, thanks to the multiple delays that pushed his debut back by nearly a year – but it’s not all doom and gloom, because our central feature, “Worth the Wait,” walks back through 20 major titles from throughout Nintendo’s history that all got their release dates pushed back, and all ended up better as a result.

Included with print copies, as always, is a double-sided poster! This time one side features Mighty No.9 and the reverse has Minecraft: Wii U Edition. Don’t miss it!

The digital versions of Issue #19 have just been sent out to digital and combo subscribers this morning, and the print copies are on their way to your physical mailbox! They should arrive at most print subscribers’ homes in about two weeks’ time.

Issue #19 concludes last year’s Kickstarted one-year subscription cycle, so thank you once again for the support you all showed us in 2015! Please make the leap with us over to Patreon to keep your subscription going through 2016 and beyond!

As our thanks to our subscribers who stick with us through the transition, we’re quickening our pace and going to produce seven issues this year instead of just six! 2016 is going to be huge for Nintendo, too – you don’t want to be without your NF when Nintendo launches the NX! You know we’re going to go all-out with extras to celebrate an all-new system launch! And this year will contain both our milestone 20th and 25th issues, which you’ll only get if you keep your subscription going!

Thank you all for making NF possible! We wouldn’t be able to exist without you all, the real members of the Nintendo Force!

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